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Unleash the full power of the with our Employer Solutions.

Get More from your Candidate Search

More Exposure for your Jobs

Increase the exposure of your jobs and reach our full network of job boards and partner sites. There are more than 30M candidates waiting to be hired by you.

Customize your Job Experience

Have some additional interview questions? Want the applicant apply directly into your own applicant tracking system? No problem.

Find Candidates on your Own

Want to search for candidates in our resume database? There are millions of resumes in our database (and growing). Sometimes candidates find the right job. Sometimes you find the right candidate.

Hiring on a Budget

Even if you have a small hiring budget (as little as $25), you can still take advantage of one of our many flexible pricing models. Whether it be Cost per Applicant (CPA) or Cost per Click (CPC), we can tailor a hiring program for you.

The Technology Powering Upward

At it's core, Upward's Programmatic Job Engine leverages the tens of millions of data points from candidate profiles, resumes and job searches across our network to improve the experience for each and every job seeker.

Whether it be an active job seeker on their computer or a passive job seeker on their phone, our engine is constantly working to deliver the right job at the right time.