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Thousands of Direct Employers have Chosen Upward

"Our Upward account representative was great to work with. I hired the second applicant that was sent for the job opening. Any openings I have in the future will go through Upward.net"

Ken Mueller, Munday Chevrolet Collision Center

"As the owner of 100+ Taco Bell locations throughout Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, it can be a challenge to recruit staff from a vast expanse of areas and positions. Thanks to Upward, we were successful in recruiting and ...

Barry Zelickson Sr. VP | Border Foods, Inc.

"As with most popular restaurants like ours, it's often a challenge filling crew members in certain locations. That, coupled with traditional turnover in our industry, has made hiring and recruitment a challenge for us. Which is why I've been very pleased with Upward and its pay-per-applicant services...

Donna Daniels, Senior Corporate Human Resources Manager | CKE Restaurants

"We are very excited about this new opportunity with Upward; providing us with applicants via their pay-per-applicant model. We initially targeted delivery drivers in five (5) stores, and based on that success, we have expanded to 20 locations. We have also grown our search to include shift managers..."

Melissa Benson, Vice President of Human Resources at JEM Restaurants & Southeastern Pizza Groups